La gestuelle

Gestures are key!

Although they are made of metal, we consider as yang the stimulations carried out with a detector. However, we can use them in a yin way by practicing light sweeping.

In the same way, the gestures used with the Beauty ova bar nº373 give it a yang effect if the massage is vigorous, or yin if it involves caressing the epidermis.

Not being able to give a complete course in these pages, we will approach the explanation with the help of easily identifiable clinical presentations. We will therefore start by describing the pain or the feeling in order to be able to attribute the qualifier yin or yang to them.

During the training, we learn in more detail how to nuance the movements to achieve more subtle and refined effects. In the meantime, we hope that these explanations can guide and instruct you.

What gesture to adopt?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let's remember that when you ask someone nicely for directions, you get the best answer. Whereas if we attack him verbally, we risk being repacked.

Well, our skin, every cell in our body and our brain are exactly the same. They don't like to be attacked.

In Dien Chan, we get much faster and deeper results by being respectful. Movements with our multireflex tools must be pleasant and harmonious.

This means that we must not believe that the more we press, the more effective it is; far from there!

We will be constantly listening to the sensations of our body (in self-care) or expressed by our consultant.

Do not drag on means that we should not roll a body surface for more than 5 minutes. The desired yin or yang effect would be distorted.

To work on the reflex zones of the different diagrams, let's imagine that the face is a masterpiece. Our gestures must be similar to those of a painter (not in buildings) or to the distinguished movements of a makeup professional.

Your treatments in Dien Chan as in Chan❜beauté will reveal your hidden skills.

When we use the sensor on the face, it's not the pressure that hurts! We go to the supposed position of the bqc·point sought so that suddenly a gesture from the patient directs us to its precise location. It is then the point that is sensitive and not the fact of pressing on the skin.

Detecting and then stimulating the Dien Chan points is an art that requires the teaching of an experienced teacher and then practice.

What is topical treatment?

The complete treatment plan in Dien Chan is broken down into 6 steps:

1| Stabilize the general condition of the person.

2| Determine if the disorder is yin or yang by testing locally.

3| Apply the treatment with the chosen effect on the part of the body concerned.

4| Continue with the same effect on the facial areas of the diagram reflection.

5| Consolidate treatment using a suitable bqc·points formula.

6| Recommend a multireflex tool to be able to undertake self-care maintenance.

Local work refers to the use of a large instrument to treat directly on the suffering part of the body.

This local work is extremely effective in initiating the process of self-regulation, but also in soliciting the brain and encouraging it to direct vital energy towards the targeted anatomy.

For example, before treating the glabella area directly on the face to relieve pain in the neck, we must first check whether the person prefers the Double yang ball nº410 or the Double yin ball nº411.

The description of his illness will of course be very useful to move towards a yin effect rather than yang. However, his feelings will be decisive.

It is then that after 3 minutes of massage with the tool, we can move on to phase 3 of the treatment plan. Keeping the same effect (yin or yang), but this time with a smaller instrument, we are going to work on the reflex zones representing the neck on the different diagrams.

For daily touch-ups

The small size of some of the ladies' favorite tools encourages us to always have them in the handbag. Without any embarrassment, like those who powder themselves in the reflection of a shop window, our passionate students take out of their kit the Beauty-brush or the Yin-yang roller in any situation.

No more caffeine sticks with questionable ingredients! A few yang touch-ups are enough to restore radiance to the most beautiful faces.

Bye! Bye, sudden headaches! The golden cylinder of the Beauty-brush is elegantly used to dissipate tension in three strokes of the magic wheel.

This is how these ancestral massage techniques are condensed into a few movements with a Chan❜beauté instrument so that you can regain your radiant youthful complexion and enjoy a gentle feeling of freshness.

And let's not forget that all our evening and morning routines will be enhanced if we take advantage of a simple Chan❜beauté protocol before applying your favorite oils, moisturizers and serums.

The art of detection

We invite you to take advantage of Érica L. Weiland's explanations about the art of detecting and stimulating bqc·points.

Erica is a partner, certified trainer and responsible for our North American delegation.