The Yang~yin prelude,
a well-kept secret

At first glance, the concepts of yin and yang may repel some people. Too often used indiscriminately for more or less commercial reasons or fads, they have lost their force in everyday language.

It is a pity, because in fact these thousand-year-old philosophical concepts remain current, valid and relevant. We can try to circumvent them using many metaphors, but why not understand them instead?

Yin cannot exist without yang and vice versa

This is why we will always seek to decode what the symptoms denounce in order to design our treatment. This information allows us to work holistically to adapt to the manifestation of the disorder as a whole.

To help you enhance the natural faculties of your skin, we offer you a free booklet: The Yang~yin Prelude that you can easily practice at home with Ridoki yin-yang n°206.

Yin and yang are therefore very important concepts to assimilate in order to quickly achieve the desired normalization.

When they are not expressed with equivalent force, these energies cause an imbalance and force us to compensate with a complementary effect.

Let us also remember that Chan❜beauté makes use of all the knowledge and advantages of Dien Chan with which we are always seeking to restore the balance.

From the moment we accept that the pathology or the visible imperfections are the result of an imbalance between yin and yang, we then approach all the disorders in a more precise way.

How to get the most out of the active ingredients in your best day cream?

To obtain renewed skin and discover the most precious technique of eco-responsible beauticians, we invite you to start your natural beauty routine with the «Yang~yin prelude», an essential protocol that enhances youth.

This is a necessary step to take full advantage of any aesthetic routine.

Learn how to sublimate your beauty in a natural way with Chan'beauté!

Since 2002, we have discovered over all these years of practice of Dien Chan —the original method of facial reflexology— that yang stimulation followed by precise yin work activates the exchanges between the dermis, the hypodermis and the surface of the skin (epidermis).

⚠️ This is not acupuncture or Chinese medicine! Chan❜beauté is ultra respectful of the skin, pampers the microbiota and denies any aggressive intervention.

We have thus developed a multitude of specific protocols for each imperfection that we wish to treat.

As you should know, the skin is divided into three layers. But over time the exchanges between the dermis and the epidermis decrease.

It's a shame, because the collagen molecules are still there, but stagnant.

However, the yang effects manage to mobilize the deep nutrients, protagonists of the regenerating treatment. It is then with the yin work that we will distribute them to restore the balance of cellular exchanges.

Without these precise and delicate massages, it is not possible to claim to enhance the natural energy of the skin. Although you nourish the surface with products, you will never nourish the deeper layers if the circulation is not revitalized.

Have you ever seen facial massagers?

But probably you didn't know the real health and wellness gems of Chan❜beauté.


For you to start with a single multireflex tool, we offer you the Yin-yang roller n°206 accompanied by the eBook of the « Yang~yin prelude» which you can request directly at the bottom of this page.

If you really want to reinvigorate your skin, regain its natural elasticity and fight against the oxidation that accelerates aging, you must pamper yourself with gentle and elegant, yet very effective gestures.

And for you to understand the delicate effects of multireflex tools, you will see that common sense is the common thread of this famous technique of natural aesthetics and holistic well-being.

Discover how the alternation between a yang then yin effect revitalizes and nourishes your skin in a natural way.


It's time to ride this eco-responsible and sustainable train!

Treat yourself to a well-deserved, useful and lifetime gift!


The professional kit

* The "Yang~yin harmonic" is detailed in the booklet and its video is available below.

In order to practice the global rebalancing of the “Yang~yin Harmonic*” we offer you a kit including the 3 essential tools at a good price.

Further down this page you can purchase some of the tools individually. For other instruments, see the complete catalog of the

Natural and essential skin preparation 

If you are a professional in natural aesthetics, you certainly want to harness the power of the «Yang~yin prelude» more quickly.

Double mini yang ball

multireflex toolº307

To exercise overall yang stimulation

Double mini yin roller

multireflex toolº308

To carry out the global yin work

The Comet

multireflex toolº133

To apply Reflex-drainage

Take full advantage of this essential treatment protocol

For you to judge and learn simple but very effective gestures, we offer you this free eBook. Easy to read, it clarifies the concepts of yin and yang in a practical way. You will see how Chan❜beauté feeds on common sense and that the gestures applied correctly are pleasant and effective.

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After numerous research and clinical trials...

We concluded that our great successes were obtained after preparing the area by quickly energising the blood and lymphatic microcirculation with the yang termination of an instrument.

And, that we had to finish with a yin work using a roller of soft mini rods to distribute the liquids accumulated in the tissues.

These actions nourish and oxygenate all the skin cells.

Morning Yang~yin harmonic

Video to inspire you and visualize each step of the «Yang~yin harmonic» detailed in the booklet.

Gesture with the Yin-yang roller

Video to visualize how to correctly use the Yin-yang roller nº206, an essential tool for the «Yang~yin prelude».